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New to Housing Works Healthcare?
New to Housing Works Healthcare?

The Justice Initiatives Department provides specialized wraparound services for individuals involved in the criminal legal system to promote successful integration and stronger, safer communities.

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Justice Initiatives Services

  • Reentry

    Located at 37th Street, the Reentry Program provides wraparound services for individuals 18 and older pre- and post-release from incarceration from NYC, NYS, and federal correctional facilities in the past 2 years. Services include: case management, connection to healthcare services, vocational counseling, two-week job training program, paid internship placement, employment placement assistance and employment retention counseling.

  • Cannabis Employment Assistance & Training Experience (CREATE)

    Located at 37th Street, the Cannabis Employment Assistance & Training Experience (CREATE) Program provides individuals with prior involvement in the criminal legal system in the past 3 years with an opportunity for training and employment in the growing NYC cannabis retail industry. CREATE is a 6-week paid training that includes 2 weeks of classroom training and 4 weeks of internship placement at a licensed dispensary for on-the-job training. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical application, the program prepares individuals to thrive in various roles within the cannabis dispensaries. CREATE equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and professional customer service abilities to enter the sector, and provides ongoing support to promote employment stability and career advancement.

  • Alternative to Incarceration (ATI)

    Located at Park Avenue, 37th Street and ENY, the Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) Program provides court mandated, comprehensive wraparound services for individuals 18 and older charged with misdemeanors, non-violent felonies, or violent felonies through Manhattan and Brooklyn criminal and supreme courts. Services include: case management, individual and group level counseling, toxicology screenings, court advocacy, and peer support services. The ATI Program also offers specialized Gun Diversion services to reduce gun violence in NYC communities.

  • Emergency and Transitional Housing (ETH)

    Located in Queens – Corona, Fresh Meadows and Long Island City, the Emergency and Transitional Housing Program provides 12 months of transitional housing for individuals 18 and older experiencing homelessness or housing instability who (1) have been released from incarceration in the past 12 months or (2) are actively enrolled in pre-trial or community supervision. Onsite services include: case management, housing placement assistance, primary medical care, psychiatric services, behavioral health and vocational services.


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