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“Este centro de salud recibe fondos del HHS y tiene un estatus considerado por el Servicio Federal de Salud Pública (PHS) con respecto a ciertos reclamos de salud o relacionados con la salud, incluidos los reclamos por negligencia médica, para sí mismo y sus individuos cubiertos”.

Estamos aquí para apoyar su viaje.

Nuestros proveedores están aquí para brindarle las herramientas para que busque el bienestar sexual en sus propios términos. ¡Lo ayudaremos a comprender los resultados de su laboratorio, navegar por las preguntas sobre seguros y acceder a las herramientas de prevención y bienestar que mejor funcionan para usted!

Sexual Health Services Services

  • PrEP

    PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a daily drug regimen for HIV-negative individuals at risk of contracting HIV from someone else. Housing Works Community Healthcare will work with you to understand the benefits of taking PrEP regularly, educate you about STIs, and provide you with condoms and ways to educate others about PrEP. Get PrEP today!

  • PeP

    PeP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is an emergency medication that helps retroactively block the possible transmission of HIV. Housing Works Community Healthcare will work with you to create a specialized PeP plan, conduct HIV and STI testing, and follow up with you to ensure you remain free of risk. Get PeP.

  • Transgender Support

    In addition to clinical health services, our case managers work one-on-one with each individual to connect them to advocacy, stable living conditions, legal support, access to health care, and mental health counseling that fosters positive living.


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